15 Reasons Why We Love Living in Boston

  1. The walk-ability
    Boston is a small city. You can travel by foot across the city in a matter of a couple hours.
  2. The Charles River
    Speaking of walking, the Charles River is a great way to explore nature’s side of Boston and Cambridge. Take your dog or grab your kids for a stroll this summer.
  3. Museums
    Boston is full of history and art. From the Museum of Fine Arts to the USS Constitution, there’s always something new to learn.
  4. Food
    The seafood. Chinatown. The North End. Need we say more?
  5. Schools
    Boston is known for its colleges. The education here is unparalleled, which leads us into our next topic.
  6. Hospitals
    Healthcare in the city is the best of the best. Harvard Medical School is located next to the top hospitals in the country.
  7. The neighborhoods
    Each neighborhood has its own character. From Beacon Hill to Fenway to Seaport, each part offers a unique experience.
  8. The accents
    You bettah believe it.
  9. Architecture
    Boston is an old city filled with stunning buildings ranging from the Trinity Church in Copley to the academic buildings at MIT.
  10. Sports
    Tom Brady.
  11. Breweries
    There’s no shortage of beeyah in Boston. Have you ever heard of Sam Adams?
  12. Sense of community
    Bostonians may appear to be tough, but we’re softies at heart.
  13. Cleanliness
    We aren’t talking about the Charles here. Boston’s neighborhoods and sidewalks are often nicely kept, making for an enjoyable experience.
  14. Coastal
    Boston’s proximity to the water is one of our favorite things about the city.
  15. Work ethic
    Bostonians work hard. You can feel the ambition when you’re walking through Back Bay and the Financial District during the week.




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