Federal Realty Investment Trust Brings Bees to Boston

Federal Realty Investment Trust, the developers of Assembly Row in Somerville, are partnering with The Best Bees Company to bring local honey to the Boston and NY areas.

To maximize the use of rooftops and open spaces, The Row Hotel in Assembly will host 2 protected beehives, while Linden Square in Wellesley will include the honey on the menus at Door Number 7 and The Cottage. Outside of Massachusetts, Blaze Pizza at Fresh Meadows in Queens, NY, will create a specialty item with the honey.


The Benefits:

The Environment

  • Improving pollinator health
  • Creating habitats for bees that otherwise didn’t exist
  • Using uninhabited space to conserve other land

The Neighborhoods

  • Fresh, new products for consumers
  • Drive customers to local businesses with new menu items







From: https://bostonrealestatetimes.com/federal-realty-investment-trust-partners-on-bee-health-and-global-pollinator-research/




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