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An Introduction to Realty Trusts

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realty trust planning

We all know that a house is one of our most important investments. If you’re in the market for a home, looking to sell, or are interested in becoming an investor, you might be familiar with various mortgage products, the current mortgage rates, and the reputation of the local school system, but how much do you know about trusts? There are some fairly straightforward planning tools to consider when thinking about buying real estate. Let’s take a look at the realty trust:

realty trust planning

Settling a realty trust and recording it in your county’s registry of deeds allows you to transfer title to yourself as trustee, or an independent trustee, with designated alternate trustees who can step-in upon your death or incapacity, thus avoiding potential probate court involvement. A realty trust also simplifies the future transfer of ownership interests. Your living revocable trust can be the beneficiary of your realty trust, or you might have an LLC as the beneficiary. The realty trust can provide for anonymity of ownership, probate avoidance, and ease of transfer.

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